Provide customers with more effective AC/DC current detection solutions, widely used in communication, industrial and consumer electronic devices.

Programmable Hall


The HX810 is a monolithic programmable Hall effect linear sensor. The HX810 is a single-chip programmable Hall-effect linear sensor, manufactured using advanced BCD technology. The HX810 is a single-chip programmable Hall effect linear sensor manufactured using the advanced BCD process. The internal components include a high-sensitivity Hall sensor, a high-precision Hall temperature compensation unit, a Hall signal preamplifier, an oscillator, a dynamic amplifier output module.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

single-chip programmable

Accuracy (typical): ±1mv@25°C

High linearity: ±0.1%@25°C

High bandwidth: 65kHz

Output response time: 4μs (typical)

Stability over operating range: 1.6%@25℃~125℃; 2.5%@-40℃~25℃