Highly accurate current sensor chip that can measure up to 65A and withstand inrush currents up to 13KA.

Current Sensor


The SC820 is a high-current-capable chip-based current sensor in a wide-body SOP-16 package that realizes a current lead impedance as low as 0.6mΩ on a 10.3mm*10.4mm*2.3mm package, allowing it to be used in power systems that require continuous operation in measuring up to 65A. This product is available in a wide-body SOP-16 package with a 10.3mm*10.4mm*2.3mm package, and realizes a current lead impedance as low as 0.6mΩ, allowing it to be used in power systems requiring continuous operation in measurements up to 65A.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

Isolated measurement, isolated withstand voltage up to 4.8kv @50HZ, 1 minute

Can measure DC, and AC currents

Very low current lead impedance: 0.6mΩ

13kA 8/20uS inrush current capability

Supports Viout-Vref differential output mode

Built-in fixed reference reference unaffected by supply voltage fluctuations

<3uS response time

Wide operating temperature range: -40℃~125℃.

Measured current range: 20A~65A

High accuracy: <1% accuracy error at room temperature

Operating temperature range: <3% accuracy error

strong driving force

Extremely simple and easy to use peripheral circuits

Built-in IP overcurrent detection output function

Support wave soldering full automatic placement, tape and reel packaging

Uninterrupted by magnetic fields from power lines, external magnetic fields, and geomagnetic fields.

High power supply rejection ratio

Self-developed, no technology dependence