Up to 100A, High-precision current sensor chip that with stands surge currents up to 20KA

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SC840 is a new member of Senko Micro fully integrated current sensor product line, The industry's first fully integrated current detection chip that can pass 20kA/8us lightning surge test. This product with the world's first packaging technology, in 10mm*11mm*2.3mm wide-body SOP16 encapsulation on realized as low as 0.2 m Ω current lead impedance,this enables it to be applied to power systems requiring continuous operation at measurements up to 100A.

Core Parameters & Product Advantages

4.8 kV RMS minimum isolation voltage

Output voltage proportional to AC or DC currents

Lowest Current conductor impedance :0.2mΩ

20kA 8/20uS surge current bearing capacity

Support Vout - Vref differential output mode

Fixed reference reference is built in and is not affected by

fluctuations in the supply voltage

2μs output rise time in response to step input current

Wide operation temp. range :-40℃~125℃

Wide range of measured current:20A~150A

Total output error <1% @TA =25°C, <3% for full

temperature range.

Strong driving ability,support the output port to connect to the

load as low as 2k

Extremely simple peripheral circuit

Built-in AC zero-crossing detection function

Support wave soldering full-automatic patch and tape


It is not interfered by wire magnetic field, external magnetic

field and geomagnetic field


Independent copyright of Senko Micro.