Medical Care

Medical Care

Biomedical Signal Monitoring: can be used to monitor biomedical signals, such as electrocardiograms (ECG) and electroencephalograms (EEG), to record and analyze cardiac and brain activity to help doctors make disease diagnoses and treatment decisions.
Infusion Pumps and Blood Transfusion Devices: Used to monitor the flow and velocity of fluids in infusion pumps and blood transfusion devices to ensure accurate delivery of medications and blood transfusions and to improve treatment efficacy and safety.
Ventilator and Oxygen Supply Equipment: can be used to monitor gas flow rates in ventilators and oxygen supply equipment to ensure that the patient’s respiratory support and oxygen supply are in line with the physician’s settings and needs.
Signs monitoring equipment: It is used to monitor the patient’s body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and other physiological indicators, providing real-time monitoring data for medical staff to make timely diagnosis and treatment.
Electrical stimulation and neuromodulation: Current sensor chips are used in electrical stimulation and neuromodulation devices to monitor and control current output, such as in deep brain stimulation therapy for treating neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.
Pain point localization and therapy: Used in physical therapy devices to localize and monitor pain points, e.g., in transcutaneous electrical stimulation therapy to relieve pain and promote rehabilitation.
Muscle movement monitoring: used to monitor muscle movement and EMG signals for rehabilitation and assessment of motor function.

Application Characteristics

  • Non-invasive measurement: the current sensor chip enables non-invasive current measurement without direct contact with the patient's body, reducing the risk of cross-infection and providing a more comfortable and safer measurement method.
  • High accuracy: The current sensor chip has high accuracy and sensitivity, and can accurately measure weak current signals to ensure the accuracy and reliability of medical devices in the monitoring and treatment process.
  • Miniaturized design: Current sensor chips can realize miniaturized design, applicable to a variety of portable and embedded medical devices, which improves the portability and carryability of the equipment, and is convenient for patients to use and carry.
  • Energy-saving and efficient: Current sensor chips are usually designed with low power consumption, which helps to extend the service life of the device and reduce energy consumption, improving the efficiency and sustainability of medical devices.
  • Good safety performance: current sensor chips usually have better isolation and anti-interference ability, to protect the safety of medical equipment and patients, to prevent current interference and external interference on the normal operation of the equipment and patient health.

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