Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control

Power monitoring: In intelligent power management systems, monitoring current consumption in homes, industries or commercial buildings helps to understand energy usage in real time, optimize power usage, and save energy and reduce consumption.
Smart Home: It can be applied in smart home systems to monitor the current consumption of home appliances and equipment, so that users can understand real-time power consumption and realize remote appliance switching, timing control and other functions through intelligent control.
Industrial automation: In the field of industrial automation, current sensor chips are used to monitor and control the current of large equipment and machines to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.
Environmental monitoring: In environmental monitoring equipment, it is used to monitor the current usage of electric equipment, so as to understand the operation status of the equipment and fault detection.
Intelligent Lighting Control: In intelligent lighting systems, to monitor the current consumption of lamps and lanterns, and to realize intelligent control, such as dimming, color temperature adjustment and other functions.
Current Load Monitoring: In data centers, industrial equipment and other important facilities, it is used to monitor current load conditions. Through timely monitoring, overload conditions can be prevented to ensure stable operation of equipment and systems.

Application Characteristics

  • Digital interface: able to communicate directly with microprocessors or other digital systems for easy data transmission and processing.
  • Low power consumption: helps to extend the battery life of intelligent control systems or save energy consumption.
  • High reliability: high reliability and stability, suitable for long-term operation of intelligent control systems.
  • Non-invasive: no need to cut off the circuit or change the circuit connection, convenient for installation and maintenance.
  • Miniaturization: occupies less space and is suitable for integration into intelligent control devices in limited space.
  • Real-time monitoring: helps intelligent control systems sense current fluctuations and abnormalities in a timely manner.

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